Felix Lorenz
The term cyberlithicum was invented on Dec. 5th 2012 while writing „Ice Flowers“. My attempt to register it with Wikipedia was rejected, because at that time, it had 0 hits on Google.

It was the moment I realized that things you don’t find on Google don’t exist in the world of today.

Of course, this was untrue:
because the word had just started to exist in my mind.

It seems that for the first time in history, mankind is in a mental and social deterioration process, with the obvious signs: Loss of an individual cultural identity; No deeper understanding of the terms "Education", "Responsibility", "ethics"; Lowered concentration; Loss of the ability to solve conflicts verbally; Lowered ability to talk and write in complete sentences; Loss of the ability to handwrite a text; Loss of empathy, the ability to put oneself in the place of others; Loss of the ability to tell important and unimportant, relevant from irrelevant; Social isolation; An irresistible urge to check "what's new".  
                                          For more information: cyberlithicum.org
and search for the word on Google...
    A big part of our society, especially the young generation, has become addicted to the use of smartphones, dependent on the knowledge found online, and slaves to being „available“ to anybody who wishes to contact them, at any time. Some texts on this CD address these issues, others are about nothing really important at all.
          The instruments used include electric guitars, Chapman Stick,
harmonica, keyboard, and Apple’s Garage Band™ for drums.
„Ahead“ features Iceland’s soccer fans, and a groan
of Maria Sharapova. Because I don’t rehearse, all songs are stuck in some sort of beta-phase.
download everything at once (75 MB)

Dies Irae
Something unpleasant will happen today: I will tell somebody really close to better stay away. That party I recall, and you were there as well, talking to me about fate and wrong decisions and broad coherent visions. You bored me with your hopeless search for God, belief and sense, whatever I responded was taken as offense, and then the party was over, the guests were going home, and then the party was over, and you and me alone. You were really quite important in my life. Our minds were racing wild, seems that only mine survived. That friend I knew has died, what's left seems numb and petrified, in etheral confusion, through cold and starless night. Lacrimosa dies illa (that day of tears and mourning), qua resurgit ex favilla (from the dust of earth returning), judicando homo reus (man for judgement must prepare him), ergo lui parce Deus (God, in mercy spare him). A soul that has been sent through hell is out of bounds for a God, who puts his children through the test if they believe in him or not. And now the party is over, ..., the party is over, now. 

I wonder how and when, but had we just torn in the dam to wash away the legacy of man. The floods would rumble into the valley and the view to the horizon was all open again. The surface of the water reflects the sky like mirror of the clouds that flow, but it conceals all the horrors that lie below. Once the mess dries up again, the land taken over by vegetation, nothing will be left behind of our civilization. Our eyes fixed to the screen, unprepared for the canvas to open and we try to hold on with the planet already in motion. Mankind's on the run, the fences are shaking, the time has come to take the banners down. There is crowds of people congesting ahead and more and more pull up close behind. Accelerate is all that's on our mind. New neighbors moving in, attracted by what they've seen through the mirror of our world that's in their hands, they know all about us, we know nothing about them. Stand your ground, no use to go far away: there is no more place the same as yesterday. The damage is done... I had a dream last night, I was a child walking home from school. My ears numb from some shattering noise, and I could not find our house. Spinning around seeking orientation, my limbs got entangled in a thorny hedge. I had lost one of my shoes. Didn't know which way I had come from and no clue which way to turn to.

The girl that you are dating lately, abslutely not my taste, wonder what have you been smoking when you asked her for a date. Take a closer look and then tell me what you see, everyone will agree that she's a lime, acid and pretty green little lime and her brain and chest are of that size. Squeeze her a bit to find out what's inside, she will spit her acid straight in your eye. Her face may be pretty but that's no consolation, you simply cannot take her pure. I've tried to involve her in a little conversation and, oh boy, one thing is for sure: she's a lime, acid and pretty green little lime and her brain and chest are of that size. Squeeze her a bit to find out what's inside, she will spit her acid straight in your eye. No matter which way you look at it, she's green and pimply and hard to sustain. If you try to mellow her a bit and say what we all think, she will drop a bitter grain into your drink. Better face the facts here even though it's sad, think of all the good vibes that you both never had, setting her in the sun will not make her ripe, only somewhat shrivelled and more acetified. She's a lime, no matter how you phrase it, had been better if you faced it..
Eileen, she is gone, unknown. Shining like a star every night, now lights run around. Shaky lights, searching for her. It seemed she was like fading away as the stars in overcasts nights. Noone's seen Eileen. Now she's gone, like the stars in overcasts nights. Now she's gone, Eileen.
Universal Language
I met a girl from gay Paris who couln't speak a word of Anglais. I wanted to take her for a dance to teach her the most important words. I told her: Cherié, dont be worried, there isn't very much you must know: 9 little letters, 3 litte words and you'll be ready to go. Rock n Roll. The universal language everybody understands is Rock n Roll: 9 little letters and three little words. On the first song she still couldn't talk. On the second one she started to bob. On the third she got it right, kicked off her shoes and jumped into the night. (...) I tell you Buddy, don't need a dictionary to talk to a girl anywhere in the world takes 9 little letters and three little words nothing more and nothing less. Rock n Roll. The universal language everybody understands. Rock n Roll. The only words you need to know.
The „Likes“ of me
We are still born with five fingers to each hand, but the thumbs become the only ones we use, caught in a net that conducts our toughts and takes away our privacy, where the moderators decide the only truth. Like the face of Jesus appeared on a pizza the cellphone appeared in our hands. Adam and Eve went to the Applestore and took a bite of the fall of man. Steve Jobs behind the counter could'nt keep a straight face. Mankind expelled itself into cyberspace. The digital dictatorship came because we lost  our common sense. Had we still had a mind of our own, we'd disconnect while we can. Good manners deleted as spam, education disgraced, mankind expelled itself into cyberspace. A society that's depending on rubbing screens to find the way is easily controlled by those in power over the display. People are falling behind till they believe they lead, yet, a blackout away from the middle age. So no more the likes of me. I need to unfriend, to get away from the people that constantly post their boring lifes on billboards along my road.
The King
Come in and shine, come on be mine, he was obsessed by the King of Rock & Roll. When Michael first appeared on MTV,  the world knew he would become legendary. Though every decade has a line of stars born, his fame got brighter than a thousand suns. Sunlight he will shine. He was obsessed by the King of Rock & Roll. Also Elvis was a shining man, Michael always wanted to get closer to him. His mind and blood got poisoned on the way, finally his colors were fading to grey. Sunlight he will shine, and be immortal till the end of time. He was obsessed by the King of Rock & Roll. Always longing for a prince, let down by Billy Jean. Lost on his quest for Graceland, Lisa Mary couldn't lead him. Regardless of what he did to those boys whose parents didn't mind. Everyone loved Michael but true love he couldn't find. Sunlight he will shine, they're now united till the end of time. King of Pop meets the King of Rock & Roll.
Back to the Roots
Well, in Oct. 84 there was a girl who was dancing in my mind. I was 17 then and I tried to get her attention that she shared with a bunch of other guys. We became „just good friends“ instead, but there had been moments when I thought we went ahead. She changed her mind, when I found someone else, I got tired of her games of catch me if you can. Then she met another gentlemen, they got married and were not heard from again. 25 years later I get a friend request on FB, pretending she's so happy that she finally found me. I looked up her profile and couldn't believe my eyes: some stranger with a wrinkly smile I could barely recognize. Now I guess I'm back to the roots. I just passed through a place I've been before but did better than I thought I could. As important as she might have been in those early days, the less she matters now to me and I rest my case.
Ice Flowers
The explosion of Fukushima reminded me of a red mark in my history book about a friend, the baseball fan, who once said that human beings and lemmings have quite a lot in common. Thinking about the freight of Enola Gay. Although most of those who saw the light got killed, there were some others that just walked away inunjured. My friend was there that day and one of them, to survive and see, asking himself: why me. Since Hiroshima he had to accept that the A-Bomb had saved him to raise his bat against the regime and play in Linus Paling's team. On counting the runs and scores allowed, Mendoza-line stayed out of bounds. My friend timed out some years ago, his bat is down, the game goes on. Red and blue puppets moving on strings held by invisible conductors behind the scenes. All over the world there's "Little Boy"s to abuse, and growing ambition to cut them loose. The keyholders always kept their fassade that protects them from the mines the've strewn. The rest of the world held as taxi squad in cyberlithicum. Wonder if anything changed if all the scenes my friend has seen were made the nightmares of the players whose eyeshields are all covered up with ice flowers. Ice flowers.


The Truth behind a Dream

I wished I knew the place of my reoccurring dream. It looks familiar but I do not know quite where I am. I seem to travel somewhere, but before I arrive, I wake up. I wished I knew the people of my reoccurring dream. Who it is I always see in a place I can't sort in. I recognize a friend, who passed on long ago, and wake up. The truth behind a dream: a travel inbetween  the worlds that exist beside the one that we live in. The vision of the mystery vaporizes as we wake up instantly, hands still clenched to hold on is empty and we're left behind with nothing but a fading memory.

Be who you are and what you want, wear what you wear. you can choose your style, the color of your hair. I'll probably accept whatever bullshit you declare. If you decide to change your language and confession, I would not care. I let you be what you may be. You have no power over me, and my music. Get tatoos on every square-inch of your skin, and piercings in every conceivable place. Your ides and thoughts may turn in all directions, to me that's ok. But don't criticise my singing and don't pull a fave at my sound. I'll continue till your ears start ringing, the only release I found. And there is one more thing that you have to keep in mind: my taste in music's excellent. So if you dare to touch my iPod one more time, I'm gonna break your tiny hands, those tiny delicate hands... 
This is to you, my little Tinkerbell, you have been with me for all I can remember. You made me question everything, you have known me all so well. The gentle touch of your fragile wings takes me back to days when I was a child with colors adult eyes could never see made my fantasy run wild. You showed me places where I can be happy and told me things that made me also sad: like recently those people with the nerves to claim they're friends, that smiled in my face and then talked behind me bad. But thanks to you I have a pair of extra eyes and extra ears. I found out about it all. Tinkerbell! Farewell my little Tinkerbell. I sense you left me once again. They made me take my medication. So I'll be living for the day, the day that you return.


© F. Lorenz 2016