Felix Lorenz
The Aspirinbox saved my day

All titles were recorded between October 2005 and January 2007, but some had been in the pipeline for years, e.g. No. 4 of which I had at least ten different versions. Song No. 7 is based on "Humdrum" by Peter Gabriel, for obvious reasons.
Recording and mixing was done with the help of various generations of Apple™ computers, Garage-Band™ with its crafty army of effects, templates and tools. Real guitars, keyboards and percussions were also used, but some sounds were created in ways different from what meets the ear. The performance lacks professionalism, which is something I dedicate to other things. 
    If I had a proper band, the skill to sing and the will to play a musical instrument properly, the essence would remain the same, I suppose.      


This album
is about various things that have to do with the difference between reality and what the human mind makes of it. Only few of us accept that nothing is out there that does not follow the laws of physics, and that after life, there is nothing. No heaven, no afterlife. Instead, most people prefer to believe in whatever and waste precious time. The ideologies we build around our belief that "something" must be out there can vary considerably - in terms of who is turning the switches, and what needs to be done to please Who. This is amazing but explains how the world can be a madhouse, in which each of its human inhabitants is more intelligent than the collective. And the Aspirinbox is actually a bottle.

1. My Aspirinbox
I'm waking up, what comes to my mind? My head is humming and the world is turning, I've been messing with myself. I find: everything is spinning and all so confused, but there is hope, dilligent dope. My Aspirinbox where are you now? I search everywhere and suddenly, like a lightening of hope in front of me: there she is, lucky me, my battered head comes good at end, hold her tight in hands 'cause aspirin's relief. Maybe one, at least two, three or four might do. My head is spinning but there is hope for a brighter view on things once they work. My aspirinbox saves my day. Swallow them, one by one, my battered head gets good at last. Hold her, tight in hands, 'cause aspirin's relief. I will never regret the night before, if you are around, the solution I found.
2. Apple of Temptation
The sudden death of your daughter has been caused by an unknown defect in certain genes that were replaced. There's no way we could help her, certain things have turned against where no one would expect back then. God created man according to Himself, yet nobody is perfect. What we are at birth's like Windows 98™: food for viruses, full or errors, out of date. Mankind's come a very long way to think that we could manage our DNA. Embellished child, healthy and bright, the clue to eternal life. Once things get started it doesn't take long till some little detail turns out to gone wrong. Meddling in things we don't understand will take them out of our hands. People that challenge evolution's way, regarding chromosomes as modelling clay, give revelations we must withstand, the apple of temptation to modern man.
3: Chuck a Duck
Normally I would have failed. Competitions have never been my thing. Rules have never been there to obey, only to get tossed out I was first up in the ring. Standing on the scaffold, thrown at with tomatos, being last even after the fat boy with the big toes, but this time it was different 'cause I did it all right: I shot the duck. Duck! Everything else would matter not. And the crowd all ran amok and me right in the midst of it, the hero of the moment, the zero all the way. And it went bang. Bang! My hand was faster than my brain, and ever since that day, I will never be the same again. Then the strange guy with the cap came right at me and smiled and told me that according to the regulations I was likely to be disqualified and before I even know my face would never ever show. I hardly realized that my fist was turning tight. And bang. Bang! My hand was faster than my brain, I got covered in red rain, bursting out in front of me, and once again the crowd was cheering frenetically, I shot the duck, everything else would matter not, and the crowd all went amok and me right in the midst of it. The hero of the day.... and then they took me away. I shot the duck, everything else would matter not, and even though I am now rotting away, I will recall this very day. I shot the duck...

4. Wallfall
Helmuth Kohl on that improvised stage was waving arms and cheered, I sat in front of my TV, trying to hold back from tears. The people were now joining, from either side of town, the day the Berlin wall came down. The day the Berlin wall came down, I did not know, that you had been around. I'd jump into the masses until you had been found, the day the Berlin wall came down. The meaning of the wall in memories and schooltime chronicles to me was music by Pink Floyd and very little else. Division was a matter of fact, the reasons all well known. But then, the Berlin wall came down.

Had I known you, my Everything.
5. Notherbeer

Recently I came across a strange kind of thought: what if all that we perceive is really an act of some higher court? Nothing around us made much sense then no matter how hard we try, if all was just some destiny from the moment of birth till we die (this is all bullshit, this is all bullshit stop it and better get dry). So I hurry down to the fridge to get a spirit that could heal me, something that makes my head come OK, to slow down my brain and memory. Sounds I'm silly but give it a thought - have you ever felt the same way? In this case congratulations, perhaps you might want to join me. Sinking down to lowest level that our brains allow might sometimes lead to brightest thoughts but mostly just makes a fool of us. Intelligence somethines need a break. But mine wants it all the time, intelligence somtimes might need a break, but why wants mine one all the time. So another time down to the fridge, till the whole world turns black and white, I might not remember much on the following day if I ever come right. Don't get sober, pass the booze, better get a triple than a double, when in danger of running out, refill or there's big trouble. So....
6. Coma
As you lie there, your eyes staring motionless and blue. Times have changed and so has the world around you. Your mind seems trapped within this motionless hull, and if only I could tell that my words can reach you through this wall of death-like silence. Desperately searching the skies, finding but nothing up high, angels that might pass by are invisible. Desperately searching for truth, all I could find there but you, lifesigns there might have been are gone, you're just hooked up to some machine. Desperately searching in your eyes, your thought would remain in disguise, questions continue to burn till the day the switch is turned. You're awaking. The window is wide open now, nothing's moving but you seem to hover somehow. Time to say farewell.

To Terri Schiavo

7. In those Days (Humdrum)
This is a song for all the men, whose wisdom's been a great companion, in those days.... I listened to their lyrics all the way and in my mind the'd circle and sway, in those days... I drove a car made in '79 humdrumming hard I held the line, in those days... Some of these tunes are still alive, idols on my youth did not survive. That car of mine rusted down to hell and so my attitude changed as well, in those days...After all I'm still the man, whose taking no effort to look back again. Listining to people who are no longer there, whose spirit might still left their traces somewhere. With my fixed mind, of some strange kind, all my dispositions, I find, stay the way they always have been no matter who is trying to influence them, religions and ideologies have not had a serious impact on me. So farewell to all those heros that will never live up to what they vow.
Once we believe in something, it takes a lot to convince us of the opposite. The more we are unwilling to change dispositions again. But with each turn, we tend to renounce our former beliefs and claim it was a result of having grown mentally. Yet, facts remain unchanged, just our perception changes. For example: the number of legs on a spider increases as we grow older. As a baby, we don't care. At that stage, everything moves on four legs, including ourselves. As a child, we believe the spider should have six legs because all "bugs" have that many. Later in life, there will be people who they tell us: a spider has eight legs, and a quick glimpse at one seems to prove their point. Incidentially, a spider has ten legs - you have just never looked without prejudice, and it's all about the definition of the word "leg".


8. Overcome
The incident it happened when nobody was sober, somebody in some far land smashed the box of the pandora. Now dropping bombs in one place, red-crossers to some other, to ensure that a balance is there to kill one another, and we shall overcome some of these days. In the news the morning after filtering all the facts, the viewers all around the world would get the right opinion, and we shall overcome some of these days. Money and manpower that we're giving out so bold is wasted just like given to imbecile twelve year olds, and we shall overcome some of these days.
9. Walking on Water

I was walking along the backlit wall of the endless corridor that leads from the parking lot to terminal one of the Frankurt Airport. An African family with loads of baggage was trying to pass one of those nasty doors that swing back shut at you if you dont kick it hard enough. I watched them struggle when a young guy appeared with black beard and oily eyes, and as he walked past me our shoulders touched a bit harder than I'd call nice. In whatever public place around the world people have noticed a chilly mood, we are surrounded by fear and suspicion whispered into our mobilephones. A cavalcade of Japanese tourists follows its head like a catapillar through the congested path on to an escalator that leads down. Chotto matta des! Whose bag is this? We knew it will happen again, unknown only where and when, next time my shoulder still harder at the oil-eyed man. Troops sent for revenge right away, undertakers busy on the next day, graves getting shallower and denser in their array. The plot was written in a cryptogram, crumpled in some case on an aeroplane that heads towards an uncertain destination. We knew will happen again... mankind is turning around, to opposite sides of the pond, but nobody would walk across the water no more.

10. The Aspirinbox Recall
If you wake up and your head is humming, give yourself a proper treat. You won't find it easy to go through your day. Instead: swallow me, take me in my battered head comes good at end swallow me..., 'cause aspirin's relief. Not just one, if not two, three or four will do, the aspirinbox will make me find a better view on things once they work swallow me... You will never regret the night you've spent, if your aspirinbox is at hand. Dont' waste time in deep dismay, clear you mind, enjoy the day! swallow me...
11. Dragonflies
When the rain had stopped the clean air gave the view the world had changed: future clearer than before, past somehow more deranged. Dragonflies were dancing 'round me, whirring movements everywhere, each one a tiny flying X - variables in the air. I...won't wake you up, our dreams have crossed in transit, they now run parallel, the dragonflies have landed. Since then I've seen them fly in places, now I can tell the signs and sounds, the voices laid in capitals, when changes would announce. Most of us will carry on like nothing was in sight. I'd rather not step into ways. Plethoras of prayers, eyes in tears all around the world these days. You have been here waiting for me, all of the time I was abroad, then you fell into a dream, so I will not wake you up. I...won't wake you up, your dreams crossed mine in transit, they now run parallel, the dragonflies have landed. Dreams and goals we pursue we may not find, we are like buzzing dragonflies; at some point they will lose their way, they are attracted by the light. Sitting here among my loved ones who are sharing time and space. Have they felt the same thing when the rain had stopped that day? I...won't wake you up...

Dragonflies - Tiny flying X-es when active, their wings turn to equal signs when settling. Buzzing variables which seem to move in a chaos but somehow underlie an equation that leads to coordinated results.


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© F. Lorenz 2007